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Joe’s Aussie Tour?

Could The JoBro Hottie Be Headed To Our Shores?

There’s only four days to go until Joe Jonas drops his hotly anticipated debut album ‘Fast Life!’

And if you’re excited for that – then wait to you hear about his plans to bring his good-looks and musical charm Down Under!

“I’m coming [to Australia] in the next few months, I hope,”
he told the Sunday Telegraph.

And while Aussie fans will have to wait for him to finish touring the States with pop princess Britney Spears first – there’s also talk of him bringing his famous siblings the Jonas Brothers along with him!

“I'll have to try to convince them,”
he added to the Hot Hits. “I'm sure they won't mind.”

And if like us, you’re dying to hear the eldest bro’s newest tunes – be prepared for a total love fest!

After dating superstars like Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato – the US hottie’s first solo effort is packed full of juicy material from his real life romances!

And that includes his track ‘I’m Sorry,’
which is said to be his way of apologising to his exes for any “heartbreak”
he may have caused them…

“There have been bad relationships, heartbreak and there have been days that you want to give up,”
he told the Sunday Telegraph of his inspiration for the new tracks.

See why we’re keeping our fingers crossed he’ll tour our shores soon in the video clip below…