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K-Cav Talks Botox!

The ‘Hills’ Star Opens Up About Plastic Surgery, Beauty Secrets And More…

Could Kristin Cavallari be about to pull a Heidi Montag?

Despite being just 24, the ‘Hills’ stunner says she won’t rule out getting a little work done one day…

“Never say never,”
she told of going under the knife like her former co-star.

“But I don’t think I’ll ever get Botox because we don’t know the long-term effects, and I just don’t think that can be good for you.”

Insisting she’s au naturel, except for her whitened teeth, the TV stunner puts her flawless looks down to her mostly vegan diet and strict exercise regime.

“I’ll try to be [vegan] but realistically it happens 50% of the time," she added.

"When I’m home I try to be really healthy, but I eat out a lot. Of course I give myself cheat days and have treats here and there.”

“Right now I’m working out with my trainer three times a week and he has me doing light weights but at a really high intensity.”

And her top beauty secret?

“I think the most important thing is, no matter how tired you are you have to take your makeup off before you go to bed. I just notice if I’m too lazy or too tired I always end up getting a breakout.”

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