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Ke$ha’s New Album!

The Singer Reveals Details About Her Follow-Up Record

Ke$ha’s smash debut album ‘Animal’ sold almost one million copies – but the wacky songstress has revealed she’s moving into a totally different direction next.

Discussing plans for her second LP, she told That Grape Juice,

"There's definitely going to be a difference. I'm always changing and evolving and because I write all of my own music it will be reflective of the record. It'll still stay fun and young and irreverent."

The blonde pop princess also defended the use of Auto-Tune in many of her tracks, saying,

"I use autotune, it's fun. You can hear it in 'Tik Tok'. I play with it. It's fun, it's a tool, it's a toy. It's like high heels."

As well as a love of Auto-Tuning the 'Your Love Is My Drug' star has also revealed her passion for aliens!

Despite never actually seeing one for herself she insisted,

“I do know that they exist.

I just know they are out there somewhere. It’s horribly narcissistic to think we are the only intelligent life around.”

See Ke$ha talking more ‘Blah Blah Blah’ in the video clip below…