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Kellan Turns Inventor

The Twilight Hunk Reveals How He Battles Insomnia

Kellan Lutz is much more than just a pretty face. He’s a secret inventor too!

The hunky ‘Twilight’ actor, who battles with insomnia, reveals he puts his time to good use by coming up with useful new products

He says, "It's something I really enjoy... It's random stuff, stuff that makes my life easier.

And while his buff bod may have got him noticed on billboards across the globe, his inventions still need a little work…

He adds, "One of the main things I started out doing was a car seat cardio.

"I made this one prototype thing and it was the worst thing ever. My car had a headrest, so I broke it to make it, like, an ab machine and I used to have the bands and I'd put them under my seat and I'd be curling as I'm driving, I'd have to move the steering wheel up, so I could get that full motion.

"I sent it in and they said, 'This is too dangerous. This will kill people.'"

Perhaps you shouldn’t give up the day job just yet Kel!

Speaking of 'day jobs' catch a sneak peek of the new 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' trailer in the video below.