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Kristen Stewart Talks Breaking Dawn Finale!

“It’s So Good” Gushes The Star…

With the final movie in the hugely successful ‘Twilight’ franchise set to hit our screens this November, Kristen Stewart has opened up about her love of the film - and dropped some hints on what viewers can expect!

"It's so good," Stewart told MTV News of seeing the ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ final cut.

"It's good, it's really weird. I think everyone expects that but I'm really proud of Bill [Condon] and I'm really happy with how it closes [the franchise].

“It's a lot to take."

And although the books have been poured over by millions of fans around the world, the brunette beauty hopes the film still has some surprises in store.

"I hope not everyone knows exactly how that goes down,” Stewart said of the story’s ending.

“I think maybe they do, but even if you do know what happens, the end throws you for a loop, even if you're expecting it."

Earlier this month, the 22-year-old spoke for the first time about the public appearances she will need to make alongside Robert Pattinson when they hit the promotional trail for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2.’

"We're going to be fine," Kristen told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"We're totally fine."

Kristen made headlines around the world when she was snapped cheating on Pattinson with her ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders back in July.

Written by Lauren Alpe