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Live Review: Bliss N Eso

Aussie Hip Hop Dominates...

I must say I was somewhat skeptical of what kind of reception a local hip-hop act would receive in front of 82,000 punters frothing for old-school Australian rock – being, the crowd assembled for the Sound Relief concert in Melbourne.

On a line-up which included the likes of Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil and Crowded House, it would be an understatement to say that Bliss N Eso on the bill stood out like a sore thumb. But, about 0.5 seconds into their set it was evident that this was a sore thumb of the best possible kind.

Arm waving and friend hugging during acts like Augie March and Jet had been replaced by tens of thousands of arms pumping in the air and a pretty ridiculous amount of crowdsurfing.

While maintaining the same vibe of camaraderie and mateship that flowed throughout the entire day, Bliss N Eso managed to inject the crowd with an energy level that I thought was hardly possible to reach in pouring rain.

Half an hour into the set, at the end of ‘Party at My Place’ (with a guest appearance from Motley himself), the entire MCG blacked out for a solid five minutes - but the trio managed a win of the highest order, thanks to a timeless “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant and DJ Izm writing the crowd a "we love you" message in marker on a towel.

Once the power had returned, the boys were joined by Melbourne's skyrocketing soulstress, Paris Wells, for the phenomenal ‘Field of Dreams’.

The icing on top of the cake was the anthemic, ‘Sea is Rising’, the finale to what many are stating was one of the performances of the day - which, true or not, speaks volumes about the kind of show that three knockabout lads from Sydney could put on, in between some of the country's greatest acts of the past 50 years.