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Lorde makes US history topping Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart!

The singer becomes the first female to claim the number one spot in 17 years…

Anything you can do, Lorde can do better.

The 16-year-old New Zealander hasn’t even released a full-length album, but she’s already been crowned Queen of the US music industry.

Owning Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart with her quirky anthem ‘Royals,’ the teenager has become the first woman in 17 years to claim the number one spot.

The singer retweeted the news this morning: “@LordeMusic Becomes First Woman In 17 Years To Reach No. 1 On Alt Chart #Lorde #Royals.”

In fact, Tracy Bonham - the last woman to hold the spot back in June 1996 with her hit ‘Mother Mother’- did so before Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) was even born.


With her ‘Love Club’ EP continuing to climb the US charts, the Kiwi star is setting an enviable foundation for the release of her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ later this year.

“Not since we launched Gotye have we seen such instant reaction,” rock promoter Dennis Blair dished to Billboard magazine.

With that kind of wrap (and a whole lot of interview lovin' from Vanessa Hudgens) it’s clear that Lorde isn’t going anywhere.

Even so, the singer is remaining grounded, telling the Huffington Post in a recent interview that she doesn’t want to be boxed in with other alternative artists.

“I've seen people compare me to just about every female slightly alt female musician because people feel the need to put females with other females,” she explained.

“I guess I understand, but I think I'm different because my music is accessible, but it's also smart and those are two things that don't often go together musically.”

— Alyce Wearne

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