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Movie Review: 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Why This Is The Must See Movie Of The Year

Without talking it up too much, we're happy to call it early and say 'The Dark Knight Rises' is the movie of the year.

The third instalment of director, producer and writer Christopher Nolan's genius Batman trilogy provides long awaited answers yet some new questions are left to linger.

The most notable new addition to the cast is the all-grown-up Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the young idealistic police officer John Blake. Tommy from '3rd Rock From The Sun' is long gone as Gordon-Levitt proves he's ready to join the big leagues!

Following Aussie actor Heath Ledger's legacy Tom Hardy packed on even more muscle appearing tougher and more menacing than ever as the excruciatingly evil Bane. His acting is unimpeded by the crazy mask strapped to his face for the entire film, plus he still effortlessly oozes swag.

Anne Hathaway plays the delectably dark yet delightful Selina Kyle/Catwoman in her best makeover movie yet. Also fighting for the Batman's affections is seemingly sweet socialite Miranda Tate played by the mesmerising Marion Cotilliard.

Familiar face Morgan Freeman purrs as Lucius Fox and presents 'The Bat', the greatest Wayne Enterprises toy we've seen yet, while Michael Caine reprises his widely loved role of Alfred Pennyworth. Who wouldn't want Alfred to look after them, bless him!

And of course Christian Bale is back as Bruce Wayne, cementing his place as arguably the best Batman ever. But can he save Gotham City?

To find out and witness this epic masterpiece in all it's IMAX glory head to cinemas across Australia and New Zealand from midnight tonight!

Are you going to see 'The Dark Knight Rises'? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Written by Elise Vout