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MTV Meets Chace!

We Gossip With The TV Hunk In Oz…

He’s famous for getting his kit off and wooing the ladies as rich kid Nate Archibald in tween drama series ‘Gossip Girl.’

But now, the man behind the uber expensive designer suits, Chace Crawford, has swapped New York’s prestigious Upper East Side for sunny Sydney!

Named as the new face of Diet Coke Australia, the Texas-born pin-up - who’s also just nabbed a role in the hot new rom-com ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ - is here for his first ever Aussie visit!

After surviving a crazily high-pitched meet and greet with hundreds of female fans at the soft drink’s pop-up set in Martin Place this week, we caught up with the hottie to talk dating older women, his music dreams and fist-pumping with the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast…

MTV: Welcome to Oz Chace! So, the Diet Coke hunk has been iconic over the years – how does it feel to be picked as the face of the brand Down Under?

Chace: It feels great. It’s good to step into those shoes. I already drank like 10 or 15 a day when I’m on set, so I figured why not. Why not come and get a nice trip to Australia, check it out and sit in the car with you!

MTV: As well as being the face of Diet Coke Australia, you regularly get your kit off on ‘Gossip Girl’- do you enjoy being a sex symbol?

Chace: Oh goodness, I didn’t know I was such a sex symbol. I guess it’s flattering. I mean when you work with people like Elizabeth Hurley it makes it kind of easy doesn’t it? It’s a lot of fun.

MTV: Talking of Elizabeth Hurley, you recently filmed some steamy scenes with her – were you nervous?

Chace: Yes and no. They’re always kind of awkward in general because you’ve got like 50 people sitting around with a boom mic in your face. We kind of had a good laugh about it. It’s one of those things where you try not to laugh and make it look passionate…It was a good time, she’s such a sweetheart.

MTV: We hear you once described her as the “ideal woman”– does Aussie Shayne Warne have some competition on his hands?

Chace: Yes she is my ideal woman (laughs). And no [he doesn’t have competition] because he was on set all the time too and now we’re friends.

MTV: Do you have a thing for older women in real life too?

Chace: All the time, I’m always on the lookout for older women (laughs). Elizabeth Hurley she’s gorgeous, but they don’t really come down the street looking for me all the time. But if they did maybe I’d be a taker.

MTV: You star in the new star-studded rom com ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ – how was that?

Chace: It was really great. The story lines are really separate, like ‘Love Actually’ kind of. All my scenes were with Anna Kendrick, who is fantastic and when I knew they were casting her I wanted to get in there and read with her and nail the part. I had a lot of fun working with her. It was rather easy, it was a couple of weeks here and there in Atlanta, I was flying down from New York and we had a blast. The director’s great. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hear it’s pretty good.

MTV: J-Lo also stars in the film – are you a fan of her music?

Chace: I mean, yes and no, I haven’t heard much of it. I do love that movie ‘Selena’ she did.

MTV: And Cheryl Cole made her acting debut in the flick…

Chace: Yeah…I heard she was great, I didn’t actually get to work with her. I came like maybe a day after she was on set. I would have loved to have met her. I heard she was great.

MTV: You starred in the music video for Leona Lewis’
‘I Will Be’
– anymore music jobs in the pipeline?

Chace: Well, if Madonna wanted to call me up I might! My music abilities are limited. I wish I could do a Guns N’ Roses thing here and there. I do a lot of Karaoke.

MTV: Your former ‘Gossip Girl’co-star Taylor Momsen fronts the rock band Pretty Reckless. What do you make of her pretty shocking and racy sets?

Chace: I think she’s great. I haven’t seen her in so long, but she was great on the show. She’s so young and she’s so talented. I remember her showing me some of her music and it was just phenomenal and the next thing you know she’s opening shows for Marilyn Manson. So more power to her, she’s doing what she wants to do.

MTV: Lady Gaga had a cameo role in ‘Gossip Girl’– if you could pick any popstar to come on set next who would it be?

Chace: Maybe Axl Rose – do you think he’d come on ‘Gossip Girl?’ I don’t think he would. Maybe U2? That might be a stretch, who knows…

MTV: Fellow teen show ‘Jersey Shore’ is currently airing here on MTV – are you a fan?

Chace: I’m a little ‘Jersey Shore’ fan. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen a couple. The Situation, yeah, Pauly D, yeah. I gelled my hair like that once and it didn’t go so well…

MTV: Have you ever bumped into them in the States?

Chace: I met Vinny one time in New York actually. I had a chat with him, it was interesting. He was awesome, I mean they’re so down to earth.

MTV: Do you have a dream role in mind for after Gossip Girl?

Chace: I would love to do comedy. Really stretch out in that direction, just have fun, have fun with it and not be so in with the drama.

MTV: And how about a dream female co-star?

Chace: Kristen Wiig’s pretty good. I just saw ‘Bridesmaids.’ Yeah I met her in New York actually, she’s pretty sweet too, so that would be a good time.