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Party Like Jersey Shore!

The Home Of Snooki And Co Is Up For Rent

It’s no longer just the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ who get to pump their fists at Seaside Heights.

Now wannabe 'guidos' and 'guidettes' can rent the party headquarters, used as a summer home by Snooki, The Situation and co.

Guests can gab away to their mates on the duck phone, pose in front of the New Jersey State/Italian flag garage and even sleep in the reality star’s beds.

Realtor Mike Loundy , who’s looking after the two-floor property, featuring six-bedrooms and six bathrooms, told New York Daily News, "We had a professional cleaners here and they did go over everything - including Snooki's sheets – thoroughly."

But the TV-landmark, that was recently let out for a “Guido-themed” sweet 16 bash, doesn’t come cheap.

Renters must commit to at least three nights, costing between $1800 and $15,000.

And talking of splashing the cash. One member of the MTV show who’s denied she’s forking out for new assets is Jenni ‘Jwowww’ Farley.

The brunette has denied rumours she’ll be going back under the knife to enlarge her boobs.

She told People, “I got [the implants] when I was younger; at a certain age you can only get saline not silicone.

"That’s the only thing I would consider, switching them."

Jersey Shore will premiere on MTV Australia in March. Head to the Jersey Shore page for more info.