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The Avengers 2!

PLUS! ScarJo Wants Her Own Spin-Off…

‘The Avengers’ is OFFICIALLY the hottest flick on the planet!

And now after breaking box office records by scooping a MASSIVE $641.8 million worldwide, a sequel appears to be well on it’s way!

Yep, movie buffs prepare for more superhero action, laughs out loud, and 3D stunts as our favourite superheroes look set for a mighty return!

Teasing plans for a follow-up release, ‘Disney’ Chairman Bob Iger told CNBC,

"The Avengers isn't just a film…it's a franchise from our perspective.

"Obviously, it was helped a lot by the success of the 'Iron Man' movies and of 'Thor' and 'Captain America'. From 'The Avengers' we get a chance to make 'Thor 2' and 'Captain America 2' and 'Iron Man 3' and hopefully another 'Avengers' movie.

“So this one film that is immensely successful... is going to get a number of other films and franchises."

And it seems leading lady Scarlett Johansson is the keenest of them all to squeeze back into her character’s iconic costume!

The Hollywood actress has revealed she’s desperate to don her leather catsuit yet again for a Black Widow spin-off!

"I love her origin story,” she told The Sun of her on-screen alter ego.

“I think it's just such a riveting one. It's just steeped in history and the richness to shoot in Russia, perhaps...

“I hope that the fans' voice is loud enough and they want to see a Widow origin story, I know Marvel would be happy to entertain that. We've spoken a lot about it."

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