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The Cast React - Freshwater Blue

Nicky: I've Learnt From That Experience

With more cat-spats, backstabbing and awkward conversations jammed into one drama-filled episode than you ever thought possible, MTV’s first Australian real life drama ‘Freshwater Blue’ is getting steamier by the second.

A genuine portrayal of 13 young adults navigating the treacherous waters of friendship, life and changing responsibilities, ‘Freshwater Blue’ is confronting the issues that teens and young adults deal with on a daily basis including alcohol consumption, peer pressure, partying and sex.

But how do the cast really feel about some of those awkward moments laid bare on the small screen?

For most of us, talking safe-sex with our parents features in the top ten most embarrassing moments ever. But for fiery red-head Annika, not only did she feel the issue an important one to discuss, it didn’t even rate as her most cringe-worthy moment!

“Ah… the condoms… You have to meet my mum to understand! Okay the condom thing is funny but if you meet my mum, you’ll understand why that is that is one hundred times funnier. Just to see her face when she offered me condoms, it was most embarrassing moment of her life. I think it’s an important thing to talk about with your parents.”

But that part was fine. The bit with me screaming in the middle of Manly, that bit was like, mum I don’t swear that much!”

As for other hard hitting topics addressed in the reality drama set on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, including alcohol intoxication, Nicky said that although she regretted the incident discussed in episode three, she has also learnt from it.

“It’s something that I experienced and so many other people have experienced too, especially going out and having a bit to drink. [But] I’ve definitely learnt from that. You have that stage when you finish school and go out and party heaps but now that I’m older and have a job, I still go out and have a good time, I just don’t cross the line. You know when to stop.”

If you or anyone you know is dealing with issues that are covered in Freshwater Blue, get to for websites of support groups.

Don’t miss Episode four of ‘Freshwater Blue’, Thursday December 16 @ 4.30pm (AEDT)

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