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“The Great Depression”

Your Sneaky Peek At All New ‘Jersey Shore’ – Tomorrow (March 16) @ 9.30pm (AEDT)

Don’t miss Season 3 of ‘Jersey Shore’ on MTV Australia Tomorrow (March 16 ) @ 9.30pm (AEDT).

After the split of the season, Seaside Heights just isn’t the same without Sammi

But no one’s suffering quite as much as her long-time sweetheart Ronnie, who’s so miserable he can’t even look at himself in the mirror!

So with Ron’s vanity quickly reaching new lows, The Situation
tries to play Agony Aunt – but he’s not exactly qualified to dish out advice on this one.

Meanwhile, Sammi’s settling in back at home – but will it be for good?

Back at the house, the meatballs - aka Deena
and Snooki - start a prank war on Vinny to lighten the mood. But will it all backfire?

Later that night Snooki’s in a right old pickle when her fave possession EVER goes missing.

Meanwhile Vinny discovers that karma’s more than just the name of the gang’s local hang-out when he’s left with the unsavory task of unblocking the toilet.

Ronnie’s also suffering with some bathroom issues of his own – and when Snooki catches him in tears, the rest of the house are worried and come together to figure out a plan to resurrect single Ronnie!

The girls decide to move Sammi’s stuff in to their room – but they find more than they were expecting! And what will Ronnie say when he finds her things are gone?

Later that night, the gang hit the town – but it’s not long before The Situation snubs guy code and pulls a robbery on Pauly D’s ex girlfriend Gina.

Meanwhile, Ronnie’s still moping so Snooki decides to give him a piece of her mind – but she’s met with denial, denial, denial.

Determined to focus on her hunt for the perfect gorilla juicehead instead, she’s thrilled to find herself a “little Mario brother.”

But while she’s headed for the smush room – her BFF Deena shocks the house by announcing she wants to go home.

Will she follow Sammi’s lead and leave Seaside Heights for good?

Find out in Season 3 of ‘Jersey Shore’ tomorrow (March 16) @ 9.30pm (AEDT) on MTV Australia.

Meanwhile, catch up on all the latest drama in the video clip below…

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