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Your Eyes And Ears On The Ground In L.A.

MTV Australia Publicity & Communications Manager Milly Gattegno is our guest blogger for the ‘2011 MTV Video Music Awards!’ Currently in L.A. working on the show, Milly will be your eyes and ears on the ground - check out her first entry on L.A. life below!

L.A... What a place! Before I arrived, when I thought of L.A. I thought of 'The Hills' – I thought everything would be bright and shiny and every corner I turned would take me to Nobu, Villa or Le Deux. Well it’s kind of like that, just not the 'every corner you turn' part. Los Angeles is HUGE and so spread out, I’ve never seen anything like it. There is definitely no such thing as ducking down the street here as everything is at least 45 minutes in a taxi.

So in saying that, I landed in L.A. and jumped in a cab for the 45 minute trip to my hotel. It's pretty amazing - the majority of the MTV crew are staying here and part of the '2011 MTV VMA Pre-Show' is actually being held in the reception. Aside from the fact that it has eliminated travel time to my work duties, this hotel has some of the most amazing people watching ever! I can’t help but assume that every blacked-out Escalade that pulls up has a celeb inside, so I've been in celebrity spotting overdrive.

On my first night I met up with my very good friend, Ant. I met him about 10 years back when he was tour producing the Black Eyed Peas show. He's produced tours for some of my favourite artists – Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay-Z – and whenever the shows come to Oz he always manages to hook me up with the best tickets ever. What a legend.

He wanted me to experience L.A. as a local so we met at the Farmers Markets for drinks and had dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Balinese restaurant within the markets before heading to an Irish pub called Molly Malones. We had a few more drinks (they free pour here so be careful not to get too carried away. Seriously. I did!) and caught up on all that's been happening. I think the most impressive and mind blowing thing to come out of the convo was that Ant actually produced Beyonce’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards!

After living like a local he wanted me to experience L.A. like I’d seen it on the big screen, so we jumped in a cab and headed to the Chateau Marmont. I think this is when I first felt like I was actually in L.A. We got there and there were about 40 paparazzi out the front waiting for celebs to arrive. We walked in and went straight upstairs to the roof for drinks, even though I must admit I thought we might get knocked back. But (and here’s a bit of secret-but-probably-not-so-secret info) if you walk really fast and with purpose you can get yourself in anywhere!

We made a bathroom pitstop and within 5 seconds of me standing solo, I had a tap on the shoulder and turned around to find Janice Dickinson asking me for a breath mint! She was such a legend – we talked for about 15 minutes about my top (Ksubi – who are they and where can she get it?) my rings ('Where are they from? Can I try them on?') my accent and what I was doing in L.A. Mid convo a total silver fox walks past and yells out “Bye ladies!” I had no idea who it was until Janice said “that’s the guy from 'Mad Men' you know” aka Roger Sterling aka John Slattery! So safe to say my first night in LA was a pretty good one!

Check back over the weekend for Milly's next update where she'll be bringing you more insider goss from the warm up to the VMAs!