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Meet The New Ladies Of MTV!

Kate Peck And Jules Sebastian Join The Channel...

It’s time to welcome two new lovely ladies to the MTV family!

Here at MTV we’re very excited to announce that we have two new glamour girls joining the channel - model and presenter Kate Peck and stylist to the stars, Jules Sebastian!

Motorbike enthusiast, travel guru and international model Kate will be joining the wonderful Keiynan Lonsdale as an MTV Presenter.

“I remember seeing my first Red Hot Chili Peppers interview on MTV with Anthony and Flea - I plastered myself to the television thinking 'Pffft they are so cool, I could never be as cool as them,'” says Kate.

“Even though I’m still not that cool, I’m one insanely lucky ratbag – this is my dream job!”

And better known until now as the other half of Australian favourite, Guy, professional stylist Jules Sebastian is set to host MTV’s brand new makeover show, MTV Style Me.

“I am so excited to be joining the MTV team as the host of MTV Style Me,” says Jules.

“It’s such a fun, quirky show and I can’t wait to share my style tips with everyone.”

‘MTV Style Me’ is a fun, original make over show that reinvents fashion-challenged Aussie teens. Accompanied by her encyclopedic fashion knowledge, a modest budget and some fabulous ideas, Jules is going to pull our guests apart and put them back together as their new, glittery, shining selves!

Make sure you tune into MTV from July 3 for MTV Style Me sneak peeks before the main show premieres on Tuesday August 14 @ 9:30pm!

Written by Lauren Alpe