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MTV Style Me | Episode 1

Jules Sebastian Gives You The Inside Goss On The Season Premiere!

Introducing our very first contributor for ‘MTV Style Me’ - Carlos! He’s 22 years old (21 at the time of filming), lives in Liverpool in the Western suburbs of Sydney and is one of the sweetest, funniest guys I've ever met!

Carlos called on me to help with his wardrobe as he was drowning in a sea of rhinestones and sequins covering every inch of his clothing. He was in the habit of purchasing only black and white pieces and mixing and matching T-shirts, T-shirts and more T-shirts with trackies and baggy jeans. Not to mention the staple 90's fashion statement for all men - white dress shoes!

When Carlos confessed to me that his style icons were the guys from ‘Jersey Shore’ and Kyle Sandilands, I was pretty nervous! And my nerves continued when, on our all important shopping trip, Carlos put together an outfit which consisted of a frog-green, polar fleece, zip-necked jumper, teamed with a suit jacket, trackies and dress shoes. WHAT?!

The best part of my day was definitely getting Carlos' eyebrows waxed - ahhh, the satisfaction of shedding a kilogram of hair in one fell swoop. I'm not too sure if Carlos had the same satisfaction, he looked like he was in some serious pain! But pain is beauty my friends – and trust me, his eyebrows thanked me for it.

I wasn't sure if I could win Carlos over to my style side as he was pretty set in his bling-bling ways, but after a super successful shopping trip to Westfield, we managed to de-bling our aspiring Journalist and make him red carpet ready for his big reveal. And by red carpet ready, I mean there is literally a red carpet in this reveal!

Written by Jules Sebastian

Don’t miss Carlos’ amazing transformation in the premiere episode of ‘MTV Style Me’ – tonight @ 9.30pm on MTV!

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