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MTV Style Me | Episode 2

Can Jules Work Her Magic On This Diamond In The Rough?

In this episode of ‘MTV Style Me,’ I visit the absolutely drop dead gorgeous Samantha... the only thing is, she has no idea just how gorgeous she is!

Sam lives in Sunbury (country Victoria) and is a hard-out tomboy! She lives at home with her folks and her cutie pie little sister, Madison. She also has a dashing boyfriend called Nick who has given her the unfortunate pet name of ‘grey shapeless mass.’ That was my cue to come and rescue this diamond in the rough and work some styling magic!

When I first met Sam, what struck me was her beautiful face and hair – but then I was struck by her outfit. Tracksuit pants (grey), hoodie (grey and four sizes too big), beanie with ear flaps and old, scruffy chuck tailors. Now the ‘grey shapeless mass’ description was starting to come together for me.

My mission? To take this hidden beauty from drab to fab! It took every piece of styling strength to keep Sam out of the boy section while we were shopping – all she wanted to wear was boy’s clothes!! Baggy jeans, flannelette shirts and huge t-shirts made multiple appearances through the day, but Sam had no idea what I had up my sleeve for her reveal to the world…

This reveal involves lights, camera, action and there’s not a stitch of boy clothing in sight! Watch out world, this tomboy from Sunbury might just become FAMOUS!!

Enjoy the show… x

Written by Jules Sebastian

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