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MTV Style Me | Episode 3

Can Jules Sebastian Teach This Teacher How To Dress?

This week, ‘MTV Style Me’ takes you into the wonderful world of quirky, unique and a little bit cheeky, Kelsey!

When I arrive at her suburban Melbourne home, I’m greeted at the front door by… no one!! Strangely the front door is wide open, so I do what any respectable person would do - let myself in and hunt for Kelsey. I find myself in a giant house with loads of empty rooms, but I eventually stumble across Kelsey and her over the top mum Judes!

The girls give me a house tour and I discover some interesting facts about Kelsey, one being her obsession with a certain Disney character. There may or may not be a sing along or two. Don’t judge me - who can resist a Disney sing along?!

Kelsey finally shows me through her wardrobe and I am a little awestruck by the amount of patterns, Grandma clothing (actually stolen from her Grandma’s collection) and mismatched outfits before me. Knowing that Kelsey is a High School teacher, I can’t believe she wears these outfits to school and that her Principal hasn’t given her a detention for it yet!

I had to do something to curb this flaming redhead’s ‘hobo’ taste in clothing and teach the teacher how to dress! So Kelsey, Judes and I hit the shops for some retail therapy.

Our day is full of classic mother and daughter moments but it all makes for a hilarious outing with, of course, an excellent result.

Will Kelsey get the approval of her kids at school? This is the ultimate test of my styling skills… I’m actually nervous, kids are so brutally honest! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this huge reveal.

Enjoy - and don’t forget to tweet me after the show!

Written by Jules Sebastian

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