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MTV Style Me | Episode 5

Jules Gets Stuck In To Her Toughest Assignment Yet!

This week on ‘MTV Style Me’ I fly to Labrador on the Gold Coast to meet with Tynika!

All I know about Tynika is that she’s small, wears glasses and always pulls her hair back in a plait. Tynika lives at home with her mum and has a lovely boyfriend called Dean.

When I arrive, I find that Tynika is fully into hotted up cars! She shows me her awesome Holden that she and Dean have done up together - complete with exhaust and lights under the pedals. Oh yeah!

I also learn that Tynkia has done a bit of modeling… but what sort of modeling I will leave as a surprise for you to see.

The more I got to know Tynika, the more I learned about her life and her style. Her style consisted of one super-short skirt after another and some risqué low cut tops. Mixed in with those pieces were oversized hoodies and skinny leg jeans. Everything about Tynika so far was one big contradiction, so I was nervous about shopping to say the least!

Shopping actually turned out to be quite a disaster. Tynika had a very strong image of how she wanted to dress and everything I pulled out for her try, she found something wrong with! I did my absolute best to work within her taste but also expand her style horizons - it was really hard work, with no real positive outcome.

I felt I had failed dismally on helping Tynika reach her style potential, so I left the Gold Coast a little down-hearted but hopeful that she would use all the tips and pointers I had given her to choose something great for her reveal…

Written by Jules Sebastian

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