Lately it seems we’ve been seeing less of quirky pop star Lady Gaga and more of her alter-ego Jo Calderone!

First appearing in a magazine photo shoot and later in Gaga’s ‘You And I’ video, Jo most recently took to the stage at the ‘2011 Video Music Awards,’ opening the show with a lengthy monologue before performing, hanging out in the crowd and accepting awards on Gaga’s behalf!

Giving us some insight, Lady Gaga’s creative director Laurieann Gibson explained to MTV News why the singer wanted to stay in character all night long.

"The idea of her being a performance artist - and it's starting the performance on the red carpet and the idea that the performance never ends for her - is the first time I've experienced this with an artist," she said.

"That's something that is specific to her, and the whole night was the performance, and it was important that Jo was a part of the whole night."

The wacky songstress played the role of Jo throughout the show, chilling with Kanye West and even trying to pash Britney Spears!

While presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Calderone admitted he's long held a torch for the ‘Toxic’ singer.

"I used to hang posters of her on my wall and touch myself when I was lying in bed" he said.

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In the meantime check out the starlet doing what she does best in the clip below…

Lady Gaga and Brian May Perform "Yoü and I" Live ...

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