Florence Welch is the latest celeb to want a piece of the ‘Twilight’ action.

The singer has hinted that she may be recording a track for the next eagerly awaited vampire film ‘Eclipse’.

The movie is yet to be signed off, but she admits she could be following in the footsteps of artists including Muse and Paramore.

Talking to NME, she said, "I would do a song for the Twilight soundtrack, but it's not confirmed yet..."

But movies aren’t the only new direction the ‘Dog Days Are Over’ star could be taking.

The ‘Florence And The Machine’ frontwoman is also planning a return to her acoustic routes.

“The guitar is coming back – I’ve gone full circle!

“It’s not a ‘Kiss With A Fist’ type of guitar sound though, it’s much stranger than that.”

The redhead, who’s currently working on her new album, also insists she’s not feeling any pressure, despite the success of her debut record ‘Lungs’.

She adds, "The second album feels like a release. I've got new ground to cover, whereas the first one was really scary. The next year is really just me moving on and creating something new. It's like, you get given a clean slate to do whatever you want, so what isn't there to like about that?"

See Florence And The Machine work the stage below…

Florence and the Machine | Dog Days Are Over ...

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