It seems P Diddy has finally run out of stage names!

At least that could be one of the reasons why the rap mogul’s reportedly planning to give up performing for good.

That, and the fact that he’s ready to let some other artists shine.

In a chat with BBC Radio 1, the hip hop star said he’s keen to step away from the stage and focus on producing duties for his Diddy-Dirty Money group, featuring Dawn Richards and Kaleena Harper.

"[Right now] it's about supporting Dawn and Kaleena on their solo projects and the rest of the Bad Boy projects,” he told BBC Radio 1.

And if that fails, he could always return to his old tradesman roots!

During a volunteer visit to a youth centre in London for the Orange Rock Corps project, the ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ singer, who helped decorate a playground, revealed,

“Painting was one of my first jobs when I was 10. I was always painting during the summer - I had to paint in 150-degree heat."

"Everybody laughs because I started working when I was 10 years old. I had to start working early. I've done soup kitchens and other volunteer work."

See more from P Diddy in his day job in the video clip below…

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