They may be rivals on the pop charts – but in real life Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are closer than ever!

In fact, Biebs is so protective of his Aussie buddy that he refuses to hear a bad word said about him.

When quizzed about whether the Gold Coast singer would be appearing on his new album, he told the Johnjay & Rich radio show,

“I don’t have Cody Simpson on my new CD no.”

But, when the hosts teased him about why he’d want to work with the 15-year-old after teaming up with the likes of Drake and Kanye West, JB snapped,

“First of all, be nice, because, I mean, Cody's a talented kid.

"And you know, but Drake and Kanye they are dope. They've helped me with the album. You'll just have to see [if they’re on it]."

And while the Codster may have missed the cut for Justin’s new record ‘Believe,’ tweens could soon see the ULTIMATE hook-up between the pair.

Forget collaborating on a single track, Cody’s up for joining forces and creating their own mini boyband!

“I think like a little Rat Pack? Maybe…that’s a good idea,” he told

Meanwhile, see more from Cody in action in the video clip below…

Cody Simpson Performs "On My Mind" Live on MTV

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