Team Breezy was definitely out in full force on Tuesday night as Chris Brown hit Sydney’s shores with his highly anticipated 'F.A.M.E Tour'.

After a string of awesome support acts including DJ Havana Brown, Justice Crew and Jessica Mauboy (who FYI was sporting some fabulously sparkly heels - where can I get me a pair of them!??) Chris took to the stage with an explosive opening.

With his military get up and slick dance moves, Brown wowed the audience with a medley of ‘Say It With Me’, ‘I Can Transform Ya’ and ‘Wall to Wall’. The bright lights, flashy moves and kicking band provided the perfect backdrop for Brown, who bounced around the stage with endless enthusiasm.

After the first costume change (which was accompanied by the piercing squeals of teenage fans) one lucky lady from the audience was brought on stage and serenaded with ‘Wet The Bed’, leaving many in the audience - myself included - a little hot under the collar.

The tempo was brought right down to showcase his voice during heartfelt ballads ‘With You’ and ‘No Air’. There’s no doubt that when Chris tones down the punishing choreography his vocal ability is impressive, but the energy of the set seemed to waiver a little through these slower tracks, and the strength of the show really lay in up-tempo chart busters such as ‘Run it’, ‘Yeah (x3)’ and ‘Forever’ - the major crowd pleasers of the night.

Overall though Brown had the crowd amped up and moving, jumping on cue, waving their arms and singing his tracks word for word. His last song of the night ‘Beautiful People’ had fans up out of their seats and begging for more, and served as the perfect closer to an entertaining and action-packed night.

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If you couldn't make it, then check out what you missed in the video below!

Brown dances to a Michael Jackson medley and ...

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