New episodes of '16 & Pregnant' premiere on MTV Australia, Sundays @ 5pm (AEDT).

Most of us know someone, be it a friend, family member or school-mate who found themselves pregnant as a teen. With teenage births on the rise for the first time in fifteen years, MTV’s new series’16 and Pregnant’ documents the true stories of pregnant teens.

The new reality series, follows six, 16-year-old mums-to-be and takes an intimate look inside the challenges that come with being a young parent and dealing with relationships, finance, school and other new responsibilities.

’16 and Pregnant’ will follow the lives of each girl for 5-7 months as they navigate the unfamiliar territory and uncertainty of being pregnant. MTV was able to capture every moment and reaction in real time, including some of the births and how the young mothers and fathers deal with new parenthood.

The series tackles a variety of issues including marriage, adoption, attending school, and dealing with gossip. Cameras will continue to follow the teens for a significant time after the births to show how the new parents cope with taking care of their infants in addition to balancing adult responsibilities with teenage life.

As well as giving an amazing insight into the lives of the teen parents, the show highlights some interesting and alarming facts about global teen pregnancies.

Here are a few to get you thinking.

* In just one hour over 1,600 adolescents give birth across the globe. During the course of a day, 38,500 adolescents will give birth.

*Between 14 and 15 million adolescent girls age 15–19 give birth each year, accounting for more than ten per cent of births worldwide.

* Adolescents age 15–19 are more likely than older women to die in childbirth, and very young mothers age 14 and under are at highest risk. For every young woman who dies in childbirth, 30–50 others are left with an injury, infection, or disease.

* Young mothers are more likely to have low birth-weight babies that are at risk of malnourishment, poor development, or death. Infant and child mortality is highest amongst children of adolescent mothers.

* Many young women find that they have to drop out of school and give up their plans for future education after having a baby or while pregnant. Young people who do not complete their education are more likely to live in poverty.

* Altogether, 50% of HIV transmission takes place among those age 15–24, and 5,000–6,000 young people become infected every day.

* A majority of adolescent girls and boys worldwide, age 15-19, have not had sex.

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New episodes of '16 & Pregnant' premiere on MTV Australia, Sundays @ 5pm (AEDT).

Check out the first episode in the video below.

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