Is Florence + The Machine’s music inspired by messages from the other side? That’s what flame haired songstress Florence Welch is claiming!

According to, in an interview with NME Magazine the sassy singer has said that she was visited by the ghost of her dead grandmother while on tour in Germany - an experience which went on to inspire the song ‘Only If For A Night’.

"She told me, 'Concentrate on your perfect career'," the singer said of the nocturnal vision.

"Can you imagine? It's like, 'You've left your laundry out and it's going to rain'. 'OK Grandma, thanks!' I thought it would be something, y'know, more cryptic."

The hitmaker’s upcoming second album ‘Ceremonials’ is heavily influenced by the supernatural, even though Florence claims she is “not a mystic person.” But her producer Paul Epworth begs to differ, and has even claimed she has psychic powers, according to

Florence added: "I think [Paul] means that sometimes when you're songwriting, a song will just appear and you have no idea where the words came from or what you're talking about until it's finished.”

Later in the interview, the songstress also said that she understands the plight of some of her troubled contemporaries, saying that being a singer can be “lonely”, according to

"You've chosen a lifestyle that leads to real elation and real devastation," she said. "It can be so lonely.

"You sacrifice having a normal life for this dream and it's so fantastic, but the exhaustion in your emotions and your body can become really massive."

In other Florence + The Machine news, the band has announced they’re coming to Australia for a one off gig!

The hitmakers will be playing at Sydney’s The Seymour Centre on Tuesday November 15 as part of Debit MasterCard Priceless Music Series.

Will you be going to see Florence + The Machine live? Let us know by commenting below! Meanwhile, catch up with the alt-poppers in the video below...

Florence talks about their video for their ...

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