Fans of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson look out - there’s a hot new tween superstar for you to drool over!

Taking the leap from YouTube sensation to chart dominator, 19-year-old Brit Conor Maynard is ready to take over the globe with his debut album ‘Contrast.’

But be warned, this month’s MTV Push artist ISN’T your average popstar...

The singer’s first release, which features collaborations with the likes of Pharrell, Ne-Yo and Rita Ora, promises a range of hits from “big, upbeat dance tracks” to “slow piano ballads.”

MTV Australia caught up with Conor to talk his female fans, the “incredible” Katy Perry and heading Down Under...

MTV: So Conor, how does it feel to be this month’s MTV Push artist following in the footsteps of Lana Del Rey, Ke$ha, LMFAO, Jessie J and more?

It feels pretty, pretty insane, I think, being pushed by such a massive platform. MTV has been an amazing thing for me with my music so far. I won MTV’s 'Brand New For 2012' in the UK and they’ve been pushing me since then, and now to be the MTV Push artist is a really cool thing. I think it’s a really amazing thing to be able to say.

MTV: You’re about to drop your debut album ‘Contrast’– what can fans expect?

You know people might be expecting quite a young pop album and I think it’s slightly different from that. It’s kind of got a bit more of an older, mature sound. There are some tracks on there that are sort of quite old school, some that are kind of quite hip hop-y with me singing over it...It [also] ranges all the way from big, upbeat dance tracks all the way down to kind of you know slow piano ballads.

MTV: Fellow British act One Direction have just conquered the States with their first headline tour – are you hoping for similar success over there?

Yeah, you know I think every artist kind of dreams of having success internationally and I think right now is an amazing time for British talent. Everyone seems to have their eye on the UK, because obviously there’ve been so many acts coming out of there and being successful. Everyone’s kind of waiting going ‘Ok, who’s next, who’s next?’ kind of thing. And that makes it a really cool time for me to be releasing my music.

MTV: They’ve also enjoyed ALOT of success with the ladies – how are you enjoying your own female attention so far?

Ha! Well you know part of being a musician is that kind of attention from screaming young girls and I think you know, yeah I think it’s exciting. For me, all I’ve really wanted is for as many people as possible to be listening to my music, and the more and more fans I get, the more and more people I get talking about my music and that means there’s more people listening to it. So it’s really exiting and I’m having a lot of fun doing that, and obviously the attention from the ladies is also a very fun aspect of it as well.

MTV: We’re currently airing your video for ‘Vegas Girl’ – can you tell us a bit about shooting it?

Well, yeah we had a bit of a problem with that video actually! We were kind of thinking to ourselves when we wrote it and finished it and it was going to be a single, ‘Oh wow we’re gonna shoot a video in Vegas, it’s gonna be crazy!’ And then we kind of realised ‘Oh, wait, I’m actually too young to even go out in Vegas so it’d be pretty pointless!’ We didn’t want it to be like me dancing with the bouncers outside the club like, ‘Yay!’ So we decided OK let’s do it from a different perspective. And then the idea came to do it in New York with a girl wearing a ‘Vegas Girl’ t-shirt and I think it all fitted together and ended up turning into quite a cool story.

MTV: After rising to fame on YouTube you’ve been compared to Justin Bieber – how do you feel about that?

Rather than being the next Justin Bieber, I’m the first Conor Maynard. I think I’d rather people just listen to my music and make their own opinions rather than, kind of you know, ‘Oh OK apparently he’s like Justin Bieber’ or ‘I don’t like Justin Bieber so I’m not going to listen to him.’

MTV: You worked with Pharrell, Ne-Yo and Rita Ora on your album – what was that like?

I’ve worked with some incredible, incredible people on this album and they’ve become kind of almost like friends. With people like Pharrell and Ne-Yo, you would never have believed that they’ve had a hit in their life – they’re so humble, they’re so down to earth...I’ve been quite close to Rita for a really long time so to have her on the album is amazing, it kind of like completes the circle, I think it’s really, really cool.

MTV: Who else would you like to work with in the future?

Two of my favourite artists are probably Drake and John Mayer. They’re two quite different artists but I’m definitely big fans of both of them and I think working with either of them would be a crazy, crazy experience.

MTV: You recently revealed you’re a fan of Katy Perry after hanging out with her at the MuchMusic awards – would you be keen to collaborate with her one day?

Well I definitely would not say no to that! Actually, funnily enough I went to her premiere last night for her new film ‘Part of Me’ in the UK, and it’s inspirational. I think she’s an incredible person, some of the things she’s been through.

MTV: Would you ever consider doing a similar kinf of movie biopic about your rise to fame?

Well it would be kind of cool! I did have quite a funny, interesting story that could maybe be told in a film version, but we’ll have to see. I don’t know whether I’d do it the same way - about me, like a documentary, or kind of have an actual film with someone else play me. We’d have to see!

MTV: And lastly, can we expect to see you Down Under anytime soon?

Definitely! I’m pretty sure there will be a trip to Australia later this year. It’s about that time for me to go over there. I’ve never been there before so it’ll be a really, really interesting trip for me. So I’m really looking forward to it, definitely.

Written by Lauren Alpe

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