Hard-hitting hip-hoppers Bliss N Eso have cemented their rep as one of Australia’s premiere hit machines, by knocking Eminem off the top of the ARIA charts with their new album ‘Running On Air’!

And it’s not just the punters who can’t get enough of Bliss’ sonic fireworks. The MTV favourites, who are also headlining this year’s MTV Snow Jam at Threadbo, are receiving a flurry of critical acclaim with one reviewer calling their fourth release “a rocket that never runs out of fuel” and “crammed [with] enough hits to crack the international market wide open.”

It’s the very first number one on the charts for the hip hop luminaries, and the fourth domestic number one of the year.

To record the album, (which took six months) MCs Bliss and Esoterik, as well as their record-spinner DJ Izm headed out bush to a Victorian highland getaway. To helm the project, the crew scored prime Aussie producers Hattori Hunzo, Matik, and M-Phazes and managed to wrangle a slew of guests spots from rap legends Xzibit as well as Wu Tang Clan member RZA…

The Aussie rap royalty, who are currently on an Australian wide tour, have had a head spinning couple of years when their platinum selling third album ‘Flying Colours’ was spat into the collective consciousness. Bringing hope to emerging urban acts who dream of cracking the top 40, the boys also saw fit to bring hip hop to the music-starved provincial towns, prevailing with hard-won kudos and selling out Festival Hall dates on their last major tour.

Congrads fella’s! To find out more about Bliss N Eso’s headlining slot at MTV Snow Jam get to www.mtv.com.au/snowjam, and check out an interview with the ARIA toppers below..

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