He's as famous for cringe-worthy sound bites as he is for his role on reality juggernaut The Hills. But in a recent interview with the NY Post, Spencer out-did himself, ranting that "Speidi is Barack and Michelle famous, not Kardashian famous," and that Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge made massive mistakes by leaving the show.

"Her ego ruined her life and her career” he said of LC. “I pray for her every day and we'd all love for her to come back to The Hills when she realises her move didn't work."

Clearly oblivious to the news that Twilight moguls have just purchased Lauren’s top selling book LA Candy to develop into a movie then...

And typically, Spencer Pratt had no hesitation about hyping the bad publicity on his uber-enemy Audrina either.

"The day she can hold 22 minutes of content with her brain, is the day I'm walking on Mars with no oxygen tank barefoot. Unfortunately, Audrina will have to wake up from that dream soon!"

But the real jaw dropper came in response to questions about the whale sized rumours he dropped a few months ago regarding the supposed bun in Heidi’s oven.

“OK, I'm gonna get crass here - but we're barely having sex because I'm scared that she's gonna have a baby. That's the level our marriage is on right now. I'm not even kidding - my wife has me debating cutting off my nuts. So yes, I'm very concerned. Our sex life has dramatically changed recently.”

The gene pool is looking better already…

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