Soulful singer Ed Sheeran has spoken out about a surprising collaboration he has in the works with Lupe Fiasco!

The ‘A Team’ singer revealed the news on Nova FM yesterday, describing the partnership as a “random one to happen.”

“We have the same A&R in America and when I was doing all the Yelawolf stuff he just gave me about seven beats and said write choruses to all of these beats ... and he just sent them out to people and Lupe loved one of them and is going to hop on it,” spilled the star.

“I’m a massive Lupe Fiasco fan so it’s cool.”

“Those are the sort of people I want to end up working with,” he added, after admitting that he’s not sure when the track will be released.

During the interview, the British crooner also dished on a new single he has coming out, that he’s thinking will be a game-changer for his career.

“It's called ‘Photograph’ and I think that will be the one that will change my, kind of, career path,” he explained.

“I played it for a German radio station for a fan thing and no-one filmed it and no-one recorded it and that was the one time I played it.”

Written by Lucy Slight

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