Fusing hip hop, indie and electro with old-school Cazal glasses and a Nintendo fetish, Snob Scrilla is exploring uncharted territory. His debut album, 'Day One', is a neon lit blast through outta space with the headphones strapped on tight. We sit down for a chat with Snob to talk trendsetting, woman haters and remixes (radcakes!).

On your blogspot, you describe yourself as a “radcake quality inspector.” What exactly is a ‘radcake’, and how does one inspect it?

Well a radcake can take many forms, because it's a word I stole from a little kid in my friend's class and made my mission to spread as far as possible. And when I did that I pretty much decided I would make it whatever I wanted, so really a radcake is a combination of anything that equates to excitement or brings you the satisfaction of eating an actual radcake. And as far as inspection goes … that's a secret.

You once famously announced that you would only go for a girl who was into Nintendo DS. I have twin cousins who are addicted to theirs, but here’s the catch; they’re 11. Would you still go it?

Wow, you did proper research and that kind of makes me feel like a proper artist … radcakes! But, alas, I (obviously) really wouldn't go for them. I stick to dating older women for the most part. In high school when I was a junior (year 11), I went out with a freshman (year nine) for, like, a week. But I never lived it down and I copped so much slack for it that it scarred me for life. Now I have a complex: must be older women. But, I’d be more than happy to play DS with them; although they may get annoyed ‘cause they are probably more mature than I am.

Your breakout hit ‘There You Go Again’ is pretty angry, especially towards people who “kill your dreams.” Have you managed to eliminate hater women from your life (and is this something to do with your DS addiction?)

Ha! Yeah, I'm sure that my game addiction probably contributed to the appearance that I was not going places. Anyway, happy to say there are no hater women in my life at the moment. That's not to say there aren't women in my life who don't hate me though; I’ve got a few of those, and what do ya know, I wrote a song about it. Ineptness in relationships seems to be good for the career, aye?

Songs like ‘Houston’ have a real, old-school gospel vibe about them. I assume you didn’t pick that up in Sydney?

Funny you say that; I actually think that my biggest gospel influence is from Sydney. He's a gentleman by the name of Gary Sterling and he is bloody amazing. Check out www.garysterling.com. I think just hearing him sing a few times was probably a big influence on the track. But you'd be surprised how soulful some spots in Sydney are, and I think that is a big part of it as well. Must be ‘cause when I was living in Cali I was anything but a choir boy.

Hip hop acts performing with live bands are usually considered a spectacle by Aussie audiences - assigned to big names like Snoop and Kanye. How vital is your group to the definition of your live act?

When I first started conceptualising the project I hadn't thought about having a live band because it wasn't something that I was used to, coming from a hip-hop background. But once we finished the majority of the tracks, we realised that this was not something we could make translate to the audience by just using the classic ‘two turntables and a microphone’, even if for many emcees that's where it's at. So, in short, the band is a must. I refuse to perform without them now and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to how I performed before. They bring an energy and vibe to the show that could never be replaced by just me and a DJ.

It seems like everyone’s rocking those big-framed designer specs (a la Hot Chip) at the moment, so I have to ask; are yours prescription? Does it piss you off that being nerdy is in vogue at the moment?

Hell yeah, it pisses me off, cause just when I’m trying to do my thing and make my own mark, everything about me is what everyone else is pretending to do. I've had these thick frames since Kindergarten, I'm OG with the coke bottle steez and all these suckas need to stop going and buying the Run DMC cazals to try and get their Urkel on. That's been done and it's dead, and we don't do that anymore, so move on. And, yes, mine are prescription. And yes they are fly ass throwback Dior Monsieurs from the '60s. And, no, you will not be able to find them, so don’t try. And to answer your question again, yes, YES, this trend is pissing me off.

Your tracks are attracting quite a lot of remixes and becoming club bangers for the indie set. Was this part of your master plan, or it’s just a nice spinoff to your career?

Oh, yeah, that was always part of my plan. I've always been a big fan of reinterpretation and remixes, and that aside I also think it's crucial for any indie artist to take advantage of as many possible opportunities to get your music heard. Plus, every time someone does a remix of your track it's like giving new life to the art. I absolutely love getting my tracks remixed, so much so that I even send people parts for some of my tracks if they hit me up on myspace and twitter. So all you budding producers out there, if you want a crack at something, get at me at www.twitter.com/snobscrilla

Which place sucks more and why: California or Newcastle?

California easily sucks more. They literally have actors running the place, Nightspots close by, like, 2am, and the cops are not your friends out here. On the other hand, Cali does lay claim to Disneyland, NWA and In-&-Out. But Newy has Susan Kerrigan and that pretty much trumps everything.

You opened for Faker on their massive tour last year. If the time comes, what kind of act would you like opening for your headline shows?

Wow, you know what - this is a question I'm already thinking about and if I could put all the acts that I would want on, my shows would turn into festivals because my taste in music is so varied - just like my music. But some of the rad kids who I would love to have headline would have to be The Bagraiders, The Cassette Kids, Catcall, Chaingang, The Vignettes, Miracle the Boy Wonder, Girls Got Child, Seven Steady and Killa Queenz.

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