The Situation has spoken out about his stint in rehab for the first time.

The ‘Jersey Shore star, who recently entered the facility to deal with a prescription-medication addiction, told MTV News,

"It's not a pleasurable experience at all.

“In the beginning, for sure, when I was [at the facility] in Utah, I'd wake up and just be extremely disappointed with myself. Like, 'I can't believe I got here. How did I get here?’

“I'm not gonna lie, it feels like you're not gonna recover."

But now, two months after leaving treatment, The Sitch insists he’s finally in a “good place.”

"Ever since I've been out, I'm not gonna lie ... it's not easy," he added.

“But at the same time, where I'm at right now, I'm at a good place.”

And while many of his ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars have spoken out in support of the 29-year-old during this difficult time, he revealed he’s yet to fix his turbulent relationship with Snooki.

“We were close for a long time,” he said. “I am going to say that I am upset that we're not as close as we are today. I care about the girl, for sure."

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Written by Sophie Barnett

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