It looks like the sun is finally setting on 'Jersey Shore’s' Seaside Heights, as MTV bosses have announced that the upcoming season six will be it's last!

After three years of fist pumping, GTL, blow outs, drunken hook-ups and partying the cast will be leaving behind their fave seaside town to head off in their own directions.

"Everybody teared up, production teared up, we teared up, we couldn't believe it," Pauly D told MTV News.

"I can't picture not going back to Seaside for the summertime. I feel like it's home."

Taking to Twitter, new mum Snooki confirmed the news to her fans, posting,

"Yes, sadly it's true, This upcoming season of Jersey Shore will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!"

"It's been one hell of a ride but this is just the beginning," Sammi also tweeted.

"Thank you all for your love & support throughout the seasons!! These memories will never be forgotten!!"

While, Vinny revealed that he can now focus on his other dreams!

"Aright, so I guess I'll run for president now #Vinny2012," the buffed-up reality star posted on the social networking site.

The final season of Jersey Shore will premiere on MTV Australia on Wednesday October 24 @ 9:30pm, don’t miss it!

Written by Jennifer Fletcher

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