Could ‘Jersey Shore' handle two pregnant guidettes?

With Snooki already five months preggers, JWoww has revealed that the ultra-bronzed babes have been making baby plans together!

Speaking with Life & Style, the reality star says they even know when she will be popping one out!

"Snooki thinks I'll have my first when she has her second," JWoww told the magazine.

She went on to explain that the pair, who will star together in the spin-off ‘Snooki and JWoww vs The World,’ want their offspring to one day have children of their own!

“They’ll date and have babies. I don’t even care if they date. I just want them to have kids so we’ll officially be relatives!” JWoww added.

Snooki agreed that she’s keen to be related to her BFF!

"SnookWOWW babies," she joked.

‘Snooki and JWoww vs The World’ will premiere on MTV Australia later this year!

Meanwhile, catch up with their ‘Jersey Shore’ co-star Pauly D on the 'Pauly D Project' in the video clip below...

Written by Jennifer Fletcher

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