He became a permanent fixture on Aussie TV screens during his stint on ‘The Voice Australia’ last year, so many fans were surprised when Keith Urban announced he was jumping ship to join the judging panel on season 12 of ‘American Idol.’

But in a new interview, the talented singer has revealed it was just a case of right place, right time for the change of gig!

After season one of ‘The Voice’ wrapped, Urban headed over to the States to start work on his next album, not realising how long it would take working with different producers and songwriters.

“I told the people at ‘The Voice’ that I needed a few months in the studio before I could give them an answer about season two,” the country crooner told TV Week.

“It then became apparent that there was no way the record was going to be done by Christmas, so I couldn’t do it.”

But Urban, who is married to actress Nicole Kidman, dished that the producers weren’t willing to take no for an answer straight away.

“When they asked if there was anything they could do to change my mind, I said, ‘Yeah, tell me you’re going to film in LA or Nashville, where I can keep working on my record!”

Then, it seems, fate stepped in...

“It was only after that happened that the ‘Idol’ offer came along and it meant that I could keep working on my record and tour on the days I’m not working, so it just worked out,” he revealed.

“I would love to have done ‘The Voice’ for a second season but I’m glad I’m getting to tour in January and keep that strong connection with them all in Australia.”

Written by Lucy Slight

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