Miley Cyrus is so excited about her upcoming album that she’s admitted she’s thought about leaking it online early!

In a recent interview with 4Music, the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer explained that she’s just ready for people to hear her new material and she’s itching to get it out there.

“We could just leak it. That’s what I’m always trying to do,” she dished.

“I scare my label all the time, because I just want my whole record out right now. I’m ready for people to hear it.”

But the singer is still remaining tight-lipped on key details of the album, including its name and release date – even keeping mum on the album’s undoubtedly star-studded collabs.

“I’m keeping some of the collabs on the down-low,” she explained.

“That’s what was so surprising when ‘We Can’t Stop’ came out – people weren’t ready for it, so I want it to be like that.”

In that case, watch this space!

Lucy Slight

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