There are very few girls out there who are lucky enough to know what it’s like to date a One Direction singer - but thankfully Niall Horan’s ex girlfriend Holly Scally has spilled all!

Speaking with Now magazine, Holly, who met the 1D star at a school disco two years ago, says that the blonde cutie is “very romantic.”

“He was lovely – funny, cheeky and kind. He was also very affectionate – we always called each other ‘babe’ and he’d always end his texts with a kiss. It was all very innocent but he was very good kisser!” the 18 year-old told Now Magazine.

But kissing wasn’t the only thing the heartthrob was good at! The former flame also admitted that the tween star used to serenade her by singing her songs too!

“Even back then I knew he’d go far, he was always singing and playing his guitar and he was really good.

“He used to sing me songs he’d written or covers, like Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ or Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours.’ Once he paid to hire a boat and rowed me across a lake while singing to me,” she added.

And while Niall may now be worth a rumoured $4million, when the couple were together, his pocket money didn't stretch very far...

“We didn’t have much cash. On one date, Niall took me to Roma Café in Mullingar for some chips,” Holly said.

The pair dated for nine months back in 2010 before Niall shot to fame on the UK version of the 'X Factor' earlier this year.

Written by Jennifer Fletcher

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