There’s only a handful of days to go until Aussie pop princess Ricki-Lee Coulter takes to the stage for a very special MTV Local Produce performance!

Performing her hot new single ‘Crazy’ for a bunch of super lucky fans in Sydney, the sexy songstress says she can’t wait to get the show started!

“I’m so excited,” she told MTV Australia at the ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’ premiere in Sydney.

“I’ve just got back from London and Ibiza and the whole time I was over there I was in contact with my choreographer and planning the way we’re going to do the show.”

Meanwhile, the sassy hitmaker, who recently starred as a guest mentor alongside Seal on ‘The Voice Australia,’ has given some words of wisdom to winner Karise Eden.

“The only thing I would say to her I guess is to keep her head screwed on, trust her gut, don’t let people steer her in a direction that she’s not comfortable with,” she told us.

“She’s very unique, she’s very individual and it’s going to be hard for her to not let people try and mould her into something that she’s not. And I think that she just needs to stand strong.”

And the former ‘Australian Idol’ star says she’s backing the 19-year-old all the way!

“I’m just so proud,” gushed Ricki. “She’s broken records with the most songs in the ARIA charts at one time and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next.”

Written by Sophie Barnett

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