It seems Robert Pattinson’s role in the upcoming futuristic thriller ‘The Rover’ pushed him to his limits in more ways than one!

Not only did Rob have to come to grips with playing ‘troubled and damaged’ character Rey – who was regularly covered in blood and dirt and sported a set of the filthiest teeth around – he also had to acclimatise to shooting in the harsh Aussie outback!

“He struggled with the flies and the heat!” co-star Guy Pearce told STV Entertainment on the red carpet for his new flick ‘Iron Man 3.’

“I didn’t man him up, but the others manned him up,” he revealed.

Guy failed to elaborate on what exactly was involved in the ‘manning-up’ process, but he did go on to say that he felt 26-year-old R-Patz “had a nice time” shooting in the red centre.

“He had a pretty good time, I’d say.”

‘The Rover’ is the latest film from Australian writer/director David Michod and is slated for release later this year.

Written by Lauren Alpe

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