It’s evident from an early scene in ‘The Heat’ – where Sandra Bullock’s cop character Sarah Ashburn, settles onto her lounge at home after a day of fighting crime and shuns a romantic comedy in favour of a documentary on tracheotomies – that this is a film which turns rom-coms and cop flicks on their head.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play a pair of mismatched law enforcers who are forced to work together to solve a case that is typical of a buddy-cop movie. Which is exactly what this film is – but with women in the leading roles.

The hilarious twosome are paired up in the typical odd-couple formula – where they must bring down a drug syndicate and learn to get along while doing it.

Bullock plays an average uptight Federal Agent who gets the job done precisely and effectively, with her no-nonsense attitude not winning herself any friends. While McCarthy’s character, Detective Shannon Mullins, plays the street-wise, foul-mouthed, knock-them-down, drag-them-in type cop who similarly hasn’t won any mates in the office due to her unconventional methods.

These aren't women who moan about finding a boyfriend or watching their (ticking) biological clocks. There is no make-over at the end of the film. They are down and dirty and get the job done. And they are insanely funny while doing it.

McCarthy gets the best of the one-liners, while Sandra plays it a bit straighter (but with no shortage of hilarity herself). Our favourite moment of Bullock's? A scene where she contorts herself onto a dance floor while undercover in a nightclub – pure comedy gold.

There’s also an epic bender scene that rivals anything seen in ‘The Hangover,’ with lots of explosions and, of course, manic gun fights. There are also major laughs throughout the entire film, with both actresses showing no shame and throwing themselves into every pratfall with gleeful abandon.

‘The Heat’ is one of the only blockbusters out there with two female leads at the helm. The film’s director Paul Feig has proved his comedy chops with the smash hit ‘Bridesmaids’ and years of working in television.

It’s a lot funnier than most other cop comedies around and they are already making a sequel. What are you waiting for?

'The Heat' hits Australian and New Zealand cinemas from July 11.

— Miranda Boyce

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