’High School Musical’ poppet Ashley Tisdale is set to release her second album, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, and is happy to admit she borrowed from Kelly Clarkson in the process.

With a strong pop-rock vibe, you can hear Kel’s influence on the disc from the get-go.

Ashley told MTV: "I love Kelly Clarkson. I think especially the single, 'It's Alright, It's OK,' definitely came from an inspired-by-Kelly (place), because when I was younger 'Since U Been Gone' was one of my favourite songs, whenever I was going through relationship problems, to put on. It made me feel so much better and that definitely inspired 'It's Alright, It's OK.'"

However, Ash has also been getting inspiration from harder places. She added: "I definitely feel The Used. I've always been a big fan of Boys Like Girls, My Chemical Romance and Led Zeppelin. All those that I loved growing up inspired [my] second album."

Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson, whom we reported yesterday did NOT rip off Beyonce’s ’Halo’ on her new single, ‘Already Gone’, appears to be heading for hot water.

After slagging off her record company, saying they made her release the soppy ballad even though she didn’t really want to, Perez Hilton reports it’s not gone down well at Sony HQ.

The gossip queen claims: “Because she opened her trap, the label is (threatening) to attempt to kill the album, meaning, ‘no more promo, no more singles, no more money into it.’ This might signal the end of Kelly Clarkson's relationship with (Sony boss) Clive Davis.”

Eek. Maybe it's time to stay quiet Kel...

For more Ashley, check out her video for 'Not Like This" HERE.

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