Sex romps, booze-filled benders, body shots and fist fights - this year, our favourite Geordies did not disappoint!

For Season 3 they flew to Mexico, soaking up some much-needed sun and drinking just about all the tequila they could get their hands on, and in Season 4 the holiday came to an end; they were back in their beloved Newcastle for ready to cause some damage with some fresh meat joining the team!

Despite the departure of Jay and Rebecca early on in the year, we can safely say that the rest of the Geordie family still managed to bring all that juicy drama we know and love. Here’s a look at the top moments making the ‘Geordie Shore’ hall of fame for 2012!

5. Three’s a crowd! (Season 3)

It seems word of Gaz’s parsnip caught on in Mexico! Right after Holly engaged in some vocational lesbianism, Gaz swooped in and stole the two girls Holly was ‘tashing on’ with for himself. Taking the two blondes back into the shag pad, Gaz once again felt like a king, declaring; “Last night I was on cloud nine – tonight, it feels like I’m on cloud f**king 14.”

4. Jay says goodbye for good (Season 3)

It was a sad moment for everyone in the house when Jay announced he was to leave Geordie Shore for good. During his birthday celebrations he dropped the bomb that he was done with the boozing, pulling and ‘tashing on’ with other girls. Reborn as a man committed to his girlfriend, Chloe, Jay hung up his Geordie hat for good - and we’re fairly certain tough-guy Gaz cried himself to sleep that night!

3. James snags a Girl! (Season 4)

Congratulations to James, who finally pulled a worldie after seasons and seasons of bragging (only to come home empty handed almost every time!) Eager to spread the word to the rest of the housemates about his new bird, Kate, James finally told everyone he was smitten - but poor Holly couldn’t handle the news and broke down. We guess there’ll be no more drunken midnight visits from Nurse Holly!

2. Sophie and Vicky’s bust up (season 4)

The Geordies decided to throw love birds Vicky and Ricci an impromptu engagement party – but true to form, plenty of drama ensued and besties Sophie and Vicky had a massive blow-out. When Charlotte spoke out about Ricci badmouthing her, Vicky kicked off and Sophie threw in her two cents as well.

The girls pushed, shoved and called each other names - and it wasn’t long before the lads started to get in on the action. In the harsh light of day, big bad boss Anna dropped by and asked Ricci, Vicky and Sophie to leave the house.

1. Ricci and Vicky’s fist fight and proposal (Season 3)

Ah, young love. There’s nothing like being smacked in the face by your girlfriend in a drunken rage - then asking her to marry you! After getting mortal at the Cancun house, Vicky went absolutely mental, telling her beloved to “f**k off” before slapping him silly and getting them both kicked out of the house.

It didn’t all end badly though; in a monumental display of affection, Ricci organised a plane to fly by with the words “Vicky will you marry me?” trailing behind, before getting on one knee and presenting a ring to his blubbering girlfriend.

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Written by Rebecca Preuss

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