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Tupac's Shooter Confesses?

Convicted Killer Sensationally Admits To Shooting The Rapper...

It was the shooting that rocked the hip hop world and the catalyst that led to the demise of two of the industry's brightest stars, but now, could one of the biggest unsolved crimes in music finally be coming to a head?

According to, convicted murderer Dexter Isaac has admitted to shooting Tupac Shakur in '94 – at the orders of hip hop mogul James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond.

The shooting, which Tupac miraculously survived, spawned the vicious East Coast -West Coast war that led to the legendary rapper’s murder on September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas. Later, his rival The Notorious B.I.G. was shot in what was thought to be retaliation.

In a statement posted on, Isaac apologised for the attack, and sensationally named Rosemond as the instigator. While Rosemond has long been suspected of organising the attack, he was never charged. He is now a fugitive from federal agents who are trying to pin a drug trafficking charge on the mogul.

"I want to apologise to his family [Tupac Shakur] and for the mistake I did for that sucker [Jimmy Henchman],"
his statement said, which written from the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn.

Within hours, a top NYPD official told the New York Post that detectives will be investigating.

"NYPD detectives plan to interview the prisoner,"
said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

But this is far from a closed case - Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman has come forward rubbishing Isaac’s statement: "He’s a convicted killer who was brought back by the US Attorney, solely to cooperate against Jimmy Rosemond, and wouldn’t you know it, he spins this tale."

"Jimmy, I say to you: I have kept your secrets for years,"
Isaac said. "You have never been arrested because of me or any of our friends because of me. How dare you call me an informant. I have stayed silent in prison for the past 13 years doing a life sentence like a real soldier should."

Mr Lichtman hit back:

"Where was he the last 17 years [with this version of events],"
he said. "He’s a loyal soldier? Yeah right."

What do you think? Is Dexter telling the truth? Or is he trying to cut a deal? Let us know by commenting below…