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Olly Murs Interview

EXCLUSIVE! MTV Meets The Brit Singer Down Under…

He credits a back-packing trip across the Australia for inspiring him to become a singer – and now Brit ‘X-Factor’ star Olly Murs is back for his first ever promo tour Down Under!

Bringing with him plenty of cheeky charm, a permanent grin on his face and of course his trademark trilby, the 27-year-old is here to launch his second album ‘In Case You Didn’t Know.’

We caught up with the multi-talented performer, whose jam-packed resume boasts TV star, presenter and Brit-Award nominee, to talk Aussie ladies, touring with
One Direction
and hooking-up with Vicky from
‘Geordie Shore!’

MTV: Welcome to Oz Olly! Your new album ‘In Case You Didn't Know’ dropped here last week – why should Aussies rush out and buy it?

Olly: They should rush out and buy it because it’s a real feel good record if you’re ever having a miserable time. I’ve been told that the weather’s been quite miserable this year, there’s not been any sunshine, so I think this album will bring sunshine to their lives! That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

MTV: We hear you were inspired to become a singer after a back-packing trip to Oz before the X-Factor…

Olly: It was an incredible adventure in 2008. I came over here at pretty much my worst. I didn’t know where to go or what to do, I didn’t know where my life was heading, but I just thought Australia was a great way out of the UK and a chance for me to re-build some bridges and try and figure out where I’m gonna go with my life. And it did, it really inspired me. I had three great months here, came back and just felt really energised and felt like I could take on the world. And I decided to do the X-Factor and now three or four years later I’m back here promoting my music. So, it’s amazing really to come round in full circle.

MTV: Are you hoping for more Aussie inspiration during this trip? Perhaps for your third album?

Olly: Well, I mean Daniel Merriweather, he’s Australian, and when I did the second album he was someone that I kind of looked at. A lot of his songs were quite cool and had kind of a retro feel to them as well. So he was someone that I looked at and tried to take a few pieces from his music, because it’s very very good. I’d love to come over here and do some writing with some Australian writers and get involved that would be amazing, I’d love to and get some inspiration.

MTV: Can you give us any details about what to expect from the third album?

Olly: The third album is in process and I’m excited about where we’re gonna go with it and the sound we’re gonna be generating. I think it's not gonna be too far from the second album, but hopefully bigger songs and better songs. That’s what I’m hoping.

MTV: And then perhaps a full blown Aussie tour?

Olly: Well, that’s what I’m hoping. I want to come to Australia loads if I can. I’m sort of travelling to different parts of the world…and I’m going to America with One Direction. I’d love to come [back] to Australia. Seeing the boys’ tweets and how much fun they had here and in New Zealand, I’d love to come over and tour as well.

MTV: As you said you’re about to tour the States with One Direction – are you prepared for all the tween hysteria?

Olly: It’s gonna be loud I know that…I’m prepared for it, I know it’s gonna be phenomenal, the boys are having such a good time at he moment.

MTV: You said recently you didn’t have much success with the US ladies when you were last there – are you hoping to have better luck Down Under?

Olly: I hope so yeah! I think the good thing about Australia is that I’ve been here before so I’m kinda street wise here. I’ve only been here for three months, but I kinda know my way around…Australian ladies are cool, I love their vibe. They’re very cool and contemporary.

MTV: You work with Rizzle Kicks on your new single ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ - who else would you like to collaborate with one day?

Olly: I think collaborations are very difficult. If I could do a song with anyone, I love Madness, I love Stevie Wonder, people like that. It would be incredible to do a duet with someone like that. That would be amazing. Robbie Williams, I’m a big fan of. It’s just getting the right song really and finding the right moment and Rizzle Kicks was at the right, perfect time for me. The guys were brilliant and it works.

MTV: UK based reality show ‘Geordie Shore’ Season 2 has just aired here on MTV Australia – are you a fan?

You're playing that over here? Amazing. It’s not a show that I generally watch back in the UK, but I did watch it once and I can’t actually believe that it gets shown on TV, because its quite raunchy, quite off the cuff! I’m sure there’s a lot of people who like watching it and a lot of people who don’t like watching it, but I think it’s a very cool show…I’m not saying I am a fan, I’m not saying I’m not a fan, I’m kinda on the fence about it…

MTV: Vicky from the show apparently has a secret crush on you, admitting she ‘“loves your tight pants” – any response back?

Olly: Does she really? I don’t know who Vicky is, so you’ll have to introduce me. But I do wear tight pants. I wear skinny jeans like most guys I think do now anyway. But yeah, who knows, me and Vicky, we’ll see!

Make sure you get your hands on Olly’s hot new album ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ – out now!