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One Direction stars talk filming 3-D movie!

Harry and Liam reveal they’ve had the camera hot on their tails...

It’s been all go for the One Direction boys lately and fans will be pleased to hear that filming is well underway for the band’s upcoming 3-D movie!

The film is being directed by infamous documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who will be capturing all the action on camera as Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn tour the world!

“It's been good, we've had cameras with us for a while now,” Harry revealed to MTV News last week.

“It's just going to be nice, obviously, for the fans to see a bit more in-depth side of us. And for us it's going to be nice to watch it back as well and see the stuff we've been doing when we're a bit older. So that's exciting.”


Harry’s band mate Liam doesn’t mind the constant presence of the film crew, because it means it’ll keep his parents off his back for not taking enough personal snaps!

“My mum and dad are always telling me to take photos,” the singer told MTV News.

“But now [that] we have a film crew, I guess they can let me off. It's all good.”

One Direction’s debut film is set to hit cinemas in August 2013!

Written by Lucy Slight

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