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Pendulum Announce Split!

“There Are No Plans For A New Album,” Says Frontman Rob Swire...

Pendulum’s frontman Rob Swire has announced that the band is calling it quits!

"There will be no further Pendulum live shows. There are no current plans for a new album in 2013,” he tweeted.

The news comes months after the rockers announced a hiatus so that it's members could focus on other projects.

Rob, who is currently touring with his new band Knife Project, told Triple J of the band’s split,

"I don’t know if we’ve outgrown it because it just evolved into something else in the end.”

"The Knife Party thing is going so well we don't really feel like going back to junior school anytime soon.

"Pendulum towards the end sort of felt like we were doing it because we had to and that's never a fun way to do music,” he added.

However, Rob has since been left stunned by the reaction from fans to the split, with many fans tweeting that he is “selfish.”

", everyone loves things more when they're gone, I guess. The Kurt Cobain effect," he wrote on the social network.

Meanwhile, despite announcing the end of the group, his fellow band members Paul Harding and Ben Mount are STILL using the band’s name and will be playing a DJ set at the ‘High Definition Festival’ in the UK on June 30!

The group have been together for ten years and have three successful studio albums under their belts, which include hits such as ‘Tarantula,’ and ‘Slam.’

Written by Jennifer Fletcher