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P!nk Snubs Prince Harry!

Royality Makes Do With Ting Tings...

Most would give their first born (or at the very least, ‘Twilight’ tickets) for a chance to meet royalty. Especially if the royal in question was the dashing, debonair, and devilish Prince Harry.

But don’t count P!nk in that number; according to reports, the pop star snubbed the Prince backstage at the Wireless Festival because she was ,“too busy”.

Harry had hoped to meet the spunky songstress at the event in London, but was told by her people that she was too busy preparing for her show for even a quick hello.

"Harry was hoping to meet Pink before she went on stage but she was too ready to rock to see anyone, so he was miffed," a source said.

But there was one act backstage who were determined not to let the third-in-line-to-the-throne leave without adulation, and that was English electro duo The Ting Tings. The act, who were supporting P!nk at the festival, allegedly pleaded with minders to let them meet the prince, and Harry was happy to oblige.

"It wasn't quite the act Harry was hoping to meet," the source added. "He seemed quite confused about who they were but was polite and posed for pictures with the pair anyway.”

To find out why Prince Harry wanted to meet P!nk so bad, check out the video below.