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Prince Aussie Tour Demands!

Check Out The Pop Icon’s Rider Requests…

Rumour has it Madonna demands a new seat cover on her loo, Lady Gaga likes her very own oxygen tank and Jennifer Lopez insists on a room decorated head-to-toe in white.

But, despite having a well-known a reputation for being one of the biggest divas of them all, pop icon Prince appears to have toned down any previously flash rider requests.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the ‘Kiss’ hitmaker, who kicks off his Aussie tour in Sydney tomorrow, has submitted a rather tame set of wants.

The rumoured list is said to include 12 bottles of Fiji water (half warm, half ice cold), one box of Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice herbal tea, Jasmine and lavender-scented candles, one bottle of Cristal champagne, one bottle of Limoncello liqueur, two bottles of red wine (merlot), one bottle of white wine (chardonnay), three bottles of ginger ale, three bottles of coke, three bottles of Diet Coke and three bottles of Pepsi.

And while the lengthy drinks list should sufficiently quench his thirst, it’s a distant cry from his alleged backstage demands at the UK’s Hop Farm Music Festival last year.

According to The Sun, the US superstar requested that a limo pick him up and take him a mere 25 metres from his dressing room to the stage for his set, as well as a purple coloured changing area!

Written by Sophie Barnett