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INTERVIEW – Reece Mastin

MTV Meets X-Factor’s Rock Cutie Down Under…

Forget Bieber fever - it’s time for Mastin mania!

After being crowned the winner of ‘X-Factor 2011’ teen sensation Reece Mastin
is proving to be the hottest young thing to rock the Aussie music world this year!

But, sadly there’s no time for the 17-year-old to sit back and lap up the ridiculous amounts of female attention that come from being a modern day tween superstar!

Nope, with his smash hit single ‘Good Night’ riding high at the top of the charts, the 17-year-old has just dropped his self-titled debut album and now he’s off on his very first tour Down Under!

The rocker, whose celebrity fan-base already boasts Kylie Minogue
and Stevie Nicks, is travelling across the country, showing off the voice, looks and charm that bagged him the winning place in the Aussie talent contest.

caught up with the British-born cutie to talk his celebrity crush, rockstar requests, and his Christmas wish!

MTV: Hey Reece! So, you’ve just released your very first album…

Yep, and I want to see what feedback I get because it’s kind of a left of center album, so I’m anxious to see what people think!

MTV: What kind of thing can fans expect?

Reece: I think X-Factor, but like ten times bigger in production. We’ve just gone all out with the music. It’s been mental.

MTV: You’ve just made the video for your single ‘Good Night,’ how was that?

Reece: It was good because it was pretty much just us mucking around. Me and the band went backstage, we just hung out and they followed us around with the cameras for a bit. We played the single about four or five times and they just filmed us doing it.

MTV: And you’ve just kicked off your Aussie tour – what does a Reece Mastin show involve?

Reece: I think what we try and do is keep some of the big productions from X-Factor, but make it into a really rock orientated kind of thing. We’ve got a fully live band and they’re awesome musos, so it’s a really big production and a really cool rock show.

MTV: As a young rocker – what are your rider requests?

Reece: All I have is Vitamin Water, that’s about it. Vitamin Water and maybe some sushi if I’m hungry.

MTV: Is it true you’re already working on your second album?

Reece: I’ve been writing since I was like 12..and I’ve pretty much got half of the second album in my head and what I want from it. The tracks have got that old feel, but really modern sound. So it’s a really cool blend of something that’s not really on the radio at that moment, which I think is cool.

MTV: And can you tell us what the tracks are about?

Reece: A lot of them are about girls, as every 17 would write. But there’s a lot about going out with the boys and having a good night, and it’s not called ‘Good Night’ this time (laughs). There’s a lot of different things going into it.

MTV: Any idea when we can expect to hear it?

Reece: We’re going to jump into the studio straight after this tour is finished. So it’ll be pretty quick. We’ll have maybe like two weeks off and then go straight back in, maybe to Melbourne, to do some more recording and then release some of the singles and the album and then straight back into another tour, which will be good.

MTV: How jealous were your friends that you got to meet Kylie Minogue?

Reece: She is older than me, but all blokes know that Kylie’s hot, so they were jealous! Especially that I got to sing with her.

MTV: Aside from Kylie – who’s your celebrity crush?

Reece: I love Hayley Williams from Paramore, she’s hot hot hot! And Katy Perry. I like a lot of singers.

MTV: Would you like to duet with either of them?

Reece: I’d love to. Hayley Williams is my kind of sound, so that would be cool.

MTV: Fellow teen singer Cody Simpson has just released his own doll – would you like one too?

Reece: (Laughs) I don’t think I’ll make a doll. Maybe a voodoo doll…

MTV: You’re pretty into your style – who’s your inspiration?

Reece: I don’t think I really look to people in a style sense, but I like the people who kinda don’t really care, they wear what makes them happy. I like that kind of feeling. My stylist Sheridan Tyler is incredible and he makes everything for me. He’s so cool, I’m so happy I’ve got him.

MTV: Lastly, what do you want for Christmas and what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Reece: I want people to buy my album for Christmas and for it to go Platinum. And my New Year’s resolution is to keep releasing music!

Make sure you get your hands on Reece’s self-titled debut album out now!