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Reece Mastin Interview

We Chat To The 'Shut Up And Kiss Me' Singer About His New Album

It's been a whirlwind year for 'X Factor Australia' winner Reece Mastin, who has a legion of fans, a string of sold out shows and has a platinum-selling single and album to his name.

We caught up with Reece to get the dirt on his upcoming album and find out what it was like working with bonafide rock n roller Benji Madden!

MTV: Hi Reece! Your new single ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’ is quite a different sound to your first single ‘Good Night’…

Reece: Yeah it’s a lot rockier. I loved doing Goodnight, it was an awesome song, but it wasn’t rocky enough for me. So we’re kind of pushing slightly towards that rockier stuff.

MTV: And you recently debuted the music video for it – can you tell us a bit about it?

Reece: The music video was awesome. It was inside in this fairground - it was really weird, it didn’t look like it should’ve been there but it was, it was really freaky. I think I broke the merry-go-round like four or five times, but apart from that it was pretty awesome!

MTV: You hit the studio to work with Ilan from The Potbelleez on one of your new tracks, what was that like?

Reece: That was awesome. It doesn’t sound like The Potbelleez – I didn’t wanna go in and write a Potbelleez track – but it’s cool, what we came out with is awesome. That’s going on the new album as well.

MTV: So can we expect more of a dance vibe on that track?

Reece: Nah it’s not dancey at all! It’s actually really rocky, it’s probably rockier than most of the stuff on there.

MTV: And we hear you’ve been writing with Benji Madden while he’s been in Australia for ‘The Voice’ – how was that?

Reece: It was awesome, he was just a dude. He just came in and sat down, and we hung out for about an hour and a half and just started writing. We came out with something pretty awesome!

Hopefully the track that we wrote with him might even be our next single after ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’.

MTV: Your ‘X Factor’ competition Johnny Ruffo has just been opening for One Direction – are the two of you still in touch?

Reece: Yeah we try and stay in touch as much as possible, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing mine, but yeah we stay in touch as much as we can.

MTV: Speaking of One Direction, what do you think of the boys and the hysteria they caused on their trip Down Under?

Reece: It’s pretty awesome, I mean they did the same thing as me. They’ve gone from a TV show to being superstars, so yeah, they’re doing alright!

MTV: What’s the craziest fan experience you’ve ever had?

Reece: They love throwing stuff - somebody threw a shoe with their number on it at me the other day! They’re just crazy, but it’s awesome. They bring me all these presents and stuff and I’m like ‘I can’t keep all of this! My house is overflowing!’

MTV: You spend a lot of time interacting with your fans on social media – how important is it to stay in touch like that?

Reece: Well that was a hard thing back in the day, bands couldn’t really interact with their fans unless they were at a show, so it’s cool now we’ve got Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that, you can let them know what’s going on and kind of create a relationship which is cool. I do all my Twitter and stuff, I’ve got Twitter and Facebook on my phone…I work it all myself so if they get a message it’s from me. My phone does shut itself down sometimes because it just overloads with fan stuff!

Written by Lauren Alpe